Together, we are advancing to make healthcare better

Like you, we’re committed to advancing healthcare. We have never been afraid to push forward and navigate the best paths for you and your patients. From pre-op to intra-op to post-op, we’re driven to empower you with the capabilities you need to enhance your surgical decision making and your performance. This drive has led us beyond traditional surgical Navigation to include Imaging, Augmented Reality and Planning Software to create a new surgical reality… and, now, a new identity for our Navigation business unit.

Navigation is now Advanced Guidance Technologies.

We offer you a spectrum of enabling systems designed to help you optimize precision, ability, efficiency and outcomes. By providing you added information, capabilities and confidence, our advanced guidance technologies empower you to perform your best.

We’re expanding the realm of what’s possible for you and the patients and facilities you serve. Through enabling technologies we’re giving you more precision and real-time capabilities to help make cases more reliable and effective with improved and predictable outcomes.

Together, we’re advancing healthcare.

Why did we change our name?
Our product and service offerings have evolved beyond the traditional scope of navigation. We knew it was the right time for our name to evolve, too. It’s important our name represents who are and where we’re headed.
Will this name change impact Stryker’s organizational structure?
No. There will be no structural or personnel changes as a result of this renaming.
How will this impact me?
This is a change for the better. Aligning our name behind our product and service offerings will allow us to truly represent who we are, where we’re headed, and how we can best partner with you. You can be certain that your relationship with Stryker will not be impacted. Your sales representative and all your Stryker touch points will not change as a result of this renaming.