Powering the gold standard
Bone Mill+™ with automated tissue removal

With an enhanced power base and bone mill—
and now a new Prep+ disposable cartridge for
automated tissue removal prior to milling— today’s
Bone Mill+ is designed to deliver more of what you
want— optimized autograft quality and quantity¹.


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Faster availability

41 minutes saved in manual bone processing*1
More than 2.5x faster than manual tissue removal*1
99x faster than manual milling*1

Consistent quality

15% higher quality rating of soft tissue removal than manual*1

Greater quantity

46% more Prep+ bone yield compared to manual cleaning**1
140% increase in catch tray volume enables more quantity per milling than Bone Mill*2

Helps reduce risk

50% reduction of glove puncture to manual processing*1



*Based on average results
**10 minute Bone Mill+ cycle vs 10 minutes of manual soft tissue removal

“My hands and forearms are so sore …a device that can collect and process bone so I don’t have to manually process it would be great.3
“A device that could remove soft tissue would be great. I spend so much time stripping soft tissue from the bone before milling.3

More automation, less effort

Prep+ cartridge

More bone yield*

Mill+ attachment

More stability and security



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