Bone VacAutologous bone dust collector

Bone Vac is an innovative technology that helps doctors who may need to rebuild bone throughout the body to get patients back to their everyday activities.

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Reimagine what’s possibleBone Vac’s distinct value


  1. Compatible with existing drill and standard surgical suction tubing, tip and source​
  2. 13cc capacity filter can be used multiple times during case to capture all available bone dust

Bone Vac in actionDiscover how it works


  1. Orientation independent; no need to keep upright​
  2. Cleanly ejects all collected material via plunger​
  3. Malleable hydrated bone with putty-like consistency enables efficient shaping and placement​

Workflow efficient

  1. Quick connect end caps minimize suction interruption when filter is removed​
  2. Disposable; no added cleaning/manpower​
  3. Double sterile barrier packaging with point-of-use assembly instructions enhances setup and usability​
  4. Sterile field drape clip and 4ft flexible tubing provide security and freedom of movement

Cost conscious

  1. May apply CPT 20936 (harvest of autograft from same surgical site)1​
  2. Can reduce use of additives​
  3. Equipment compatibility limits capital expenses

Good as “gold”

Explore the data

With autologous, viable cells and regenerative nature, drilled bone dust can be a valuable adjunct to other bone growth agents.

Get in touch with our team to receive some of the data reflecting its osteogenic, osteoinductive and osteoconductive potential.

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Capture the “gold”

Bone Vac conveniently collects drilled bone dust for use as autograft material during ortho/spine, cranial, otology and other procedures where bone regeneration is desired.

It helps provide the regenerative benefits of gold standard, autologous bone with a simplicity you’ll like. Compatible with your standard surgical drill, suction and workflow, it is designed to quickly capture autologous bone.

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1. Gao, R. et al. “Human Spinal Bone Dust as a Potential Local Autograft.” Spine. (2018): 43.4​
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