Aria Drill system

Our Aria Drill system delivers the same exceptional performance you appreciate from our Maestro Drill—with a design and titanium accessories that are fully compatibility with, 3.0 Tesla Interoperative MRI Suites.

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Attachments and titanium cutting accessories

The Aria Drill system includes dedicated attachments and cutting accessories, including the Aria I duraguard, Aria IM attachment, a 2.1 mm titanium tapered router, and a 5.0 mm titanium round bur. You get the cutting performance you expect from Stryker—with complete MRI suite compatibility.

Expanded foot pedal options

Choose the foot pedal design that matches the way you like to work—they’re all simple to set up and offer variable speed control. The “exhausting” pedal vents pressurized gas immediately at the foot pedal when you remove your foot.

“Non-exhausting” vents through the motor system; and “universal” gives you both exhausting and non-exhausting and handswitch modes. Our wide/heavy design is perfect if you prefer a roomier, wider-format foot control.



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