NavSuite®3 Operating Room

Stryker’s NavSuite3 Operating Room is an advanced solution for computer assisted surgery that optimizes efficiency and outcomes by integrating the entire suite of equipment into the OR itself.

To provide more room for your surgical team, the navigation computer—the brain of the system—sits outside the OR in a convenient control station. Mounted from the ceiling, our proprietary digital camera delivers maximum visibility.

NavSuite3 supports a variety of our navigation software applications and integrates seamlessly with endoscopes, fluoroscopes, C-arms, microscopes and other surgical equipment—from Stryker and other manufacturers.

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Features and benefits

  • Fully integrated solution with zero footprint
  • Optimal efficiency and ergonomics in the OR
  • Proprietary navigation camera with active optical technology
  • Easy transmission of digital images through hospital’s IT network for viewing before or after surgery
  • Total compatibility with Stryker’s family of smart instruments

Smart components that integrate beautifully




NavSuite3 brochure



Abstract – “Assessment of optical localizer accuracy for computer aided surgery systems”


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