Sumex® Drill

Our 75,000 RPM Sumex Drill features electronic torque feedback that amps up the power automatically when you’re engaged in more demanding tasks. Sumex features an optional detachable handswitch and an ergonomic, tapered design. It works in concert with the industry’s most comprehensive lineup of Elite, Footed, Heavy Duty and MIS attachments and cutting accessories—including tapered and telescoping options for optimal sightlines.

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Sumex MS1 Drill

Our Sumex MS1 Drill offers a different grip and feel than the Sumex Drill. The difference also includes power and control that can replicate the experience of a pneumatic drill. The Sumex MS1 features a default speed of 60,000 RPM and a maximum speed of 75,000 RPM. Improved I.D. Touch technology gives you even more ability to fine tune the drill to your exact specifications.

  • Knurled housing for enhanced grip
  • Eight slots for attachment indexing/ clocking with handswitch alignment with angled attachment
  • Power combined with soft, controllable feel
  • Customized settings for optimal drill performance
  • All-unique torque settings below 100 percent

Powered by CORE— our integrated OR solution

Operating Room Equipment—CORE—System. CORE combines our latest software and drill motor technologies to create an integrated surgical system that delivers optimal performance for you and your patients.

Everything’s driven from the powerful, convenient CORE Console. A major advance in performance and comfort, the CORE Console can be tailored to individual preferences and processes. Learn more about the CORE Console and CORE System.

I.D. Touch Software

A difference you can feel

An intuitive touch is one of a surgeon’s greatest assets—and our exclusive I.D. Touch Software gives you even more nuanced control. Integrated into our CORE Console power source, I.D. Touch Software lets you adjust torque from 0 percent to 100 percent.

The result is instrumentation that responds perfectly to the exact pressure you prefer. Once you’ve set your preferences, they’re saved permanently. Your instruments will perform to your specifications—every patient, every procedure


The 0 percent I.D. Touch Software for the Sumex Drill is a straight line with less torque over the whole range. We’ve refined the torque profile for the Sumex MS1 Drill to provide less torque at high speed and the same torque at lower speeds—resulting in a different 0 percent torque setting than current Sumex.


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