CORE 2 Console

The Consolidated Operating Room Equipment (CORE)
2 Console provides a convenient, single control center for a multitude of powered instruments. Here’s a look at the many capabilities and benefits it brings to you and your instruments.

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Features and benefits

  • For use in a variety of surgical procedures, including orthopaedic, dental, ENT, neuro, spine, and endoscopic applications.
  • Powers small and large bone drills, saws and drivers; small and large joint shavers; ENT shavers; foot pedals; bone mill and irrigation
  • Cuts, drills, reams, decorticates, shapes and smoothes bone, bone cement and teeth
  • Helps place or cut screws, metal, wires, pins and other fixation devices
Unparalleled customization
  • 100+ user profiles that can be stored and transferred
  • Adjustable irrigation flow rate
  • Three foot pedal choices, each with multiple buttons to set desired functions
  • Largest breadth of compatible product portfolios
Cost and workflow efficiency
  • Single console supports all specialties; capital ROI
  • Powers a spectrum of devices, reducing need for multiple power sources
  • Compatibility with future Smart Equipment Management (SEM)
  • Routinely costs less than top competitor, while delivering more advantages
  • Smart programming auto-activates screens, options and information based on connected devices
  • Large icons and 7″ color touch screen with 170° wide viewing angle
  • Numeric and written error descriptions with troubleshooting tips
  • Flat, intuitive navigation with shortcuts for added speed
  • Quick, onsite USB upgrades and localized technical support
  • Stryker sales rep contact info can be stored internally
  • Built-in design features make safe operation as effortless as possible
  • 13-year proven performance
  • 30,000 trusted units worldwide

  • Adjustable irrigation flow rate
  • I.D. Touch Software for tailored torque, tactile feel and drill precision/performance
  • Three hand piece ports; runs two non-heavy duty hand pieces simultaneously
  • Colored illumination rings (5) display matched drills and foot pedals for free and confident workflow
  • Two foot pedal ports; ability to assign two pedals to a single hand piece
  • Integrated irrigation; one-step insertion and removal
  • Distinct audio tones denote different actions/alerts

First-rate foot pedals

Get your choice of three foot pedals, each with multiple buttons to set desired functions such as irrigation on/off, forward/reverse direction, change drill port assignment, change RPMs and more.

NSE Footswitch with four feature buttons (two left, two right)

Bi-Directional Footswitch Dual pedal with three feature buttons

Uni-Directional Footswitch Single pedal with two feature buttons

No fuss irrigation

Our front facing, integrated irrigation with one-step insertion and removal makes set up simple, without any extra hardware components to affix or tubes to thread. Users also love its integrated I.V. pole bracket, auto prime and adjustable flow rate.

Convenient cart

With eight drawers, two baskets and a top surface area, this cart holds your CORE 2 Console, foot pedals and a full inventory of cutting accessories. Organize as you wish and apply custom drawer labels to make management easy.

A class of its own

Drill and instrument portfolios are only as good as their driver, and ours stands apart from the crowd. Engineered with all the bells and whistles, it empowers your instruments – and you – with added capability and benefits. These value-added features, combined with power and reliability, are why 30,000 CORE Console units are trusted worldwide.

1. Competitive data reflects information accessed via marketing materials, IFUs and company websites as of May 2017

Customization beyond compare

Everyone claims to offer highly customizable consoles and instrument platforms, but we deliver on it. Personal preference options are engineered into multiple features, giving you unparalleled ways to customize your system for maximum skill and satisfaction.

In the O.R., you and your team have critical responsibilities on your mind. Stopping to set instrument preferences can be inconvenient or even interrupt your focus. Our custom user profiles eliminate this disruption by retrieving all your carefully pre-planned preferences in just two touches.

  • Set once and they’re permanently saved (stores 100+)
  • Copy/edit allows creation of multiple profiles without starting from scratch
  • Customizable features instantly appear based on the device connected and include RPMs, oscillation rate, direction, fixed/variable mode and many more
  • Transferrable to other CORE 2 Consoles via USB


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