Introducing the

37cm iQ Large Laparoscopic Tip

Right-sized for MIS

You asked for it and now it’s here – the 37cm laparoscopic tip for the Sonopet iQ universal handpiece. It’s our least invasive tip for general surgery applications – expanding the utility, maneuverability and performance of your ultrasonic tip portfolio. Combined with Sonopet iQ system’s simple setup and use, you’ll spend less time managing equipment and more time performing your best.

Fits in



Stryker’s least invasive tip for general surgery applications1

Ease of use

Convenient access down 5mm trocar helps spare tissue disruption compared to larger trocar1

Universal handpiece works with 17 soft tissue and bone cutting tips

Streamlined ordering/inventory; laparoscopic tip and sleeve are ordered and packaged as a set

RFID recognition auto adjusts to connected tip default settings or custom user profile

Simple setup and use via color coded components, packaging with setup visuals, one-step connections, and integrated suction and irrigation


When Sonopet iQ is not activated, sync mode allows for suction to turn off during insufflation allowing CO2 levels to remain constant1

Slender, low-friction sleeve in heat shrink material is designed to glide smoothly in trocar1

Sterile, single-use tip delivers consistent performance while eliminating inventory management and SPD reprocessing


Multiple tips available for open and laparoscopic procedures

Three foot pedal options for wired or wireless experience

Customizable surgeon profiles and settings

Sonopet iQLeading
Multiple bone cutting tipsYesNo
Multiple fibrous tissue tipsYesNo
Customizable surgeon profiles and settingsYesNo
Pulse ControlYesYes
Wireless foot pedalYesNo
Variable speed capabilitiesYesYes
Color coded setupYesNo
Laparoscopic tipYesYes
Laparoscopic tip with universal handpieceYesNo
Laparoscopic tip that can fit down a 5mm trocarYesNo
Competitive data reflects information accessed via marketing materials, IFUs and company websites as of (October 2022).


faster fibrous
tissue resection2


more precise
suction control3


setup success rate
on first attempt by
untrained users2

Learn about our new technology that gives you a new way to manage resecting complex tissue

Resources and downloads

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  2. All comparative metrics and claims are Sonopet iQ compared to first generation Sonopet. Stryker internal test data on file
  3. Sonopet iQ has improved suction control for delicate resection rates with 75% lower achievable pressure settings compared to the first generation Sonopet. Stryker internal data