Quasar Surgical Headlight

Feel the comfort. See the difference.

Incredible brightness intensity. Lightweight comfort. Precise and comfortable adjustments. Battery packs that last for hours on end. It’s what surgeons asked for. And it’s what we’re delivering with the Quasar Surgical Headlight.

Lighter 1

Designed for comfort and long-term wear in the OR, our surgical headlights are lighter and more comfortable compared to other headlights.

  • Quasar Surgical Headlight: 6oz
  • Battery: .68lbs


When you’re in the OR, don’t settle for less than high-quality brightness.

  • Up to 300,000 LUX at 10 inches away
  • Available in cool (6100K) or warm (4500K) color temperature options
  • 13 brightness intensity settings to choose from
  • Adjustable spot size ranges from 2in to 5in

Interact via the Interface

Longer lasting 1

Our PP4 battery packs last for hours on end and clip to surgeons easily, so they’re never tethered to a power source. Each kit includes two batteries for convenient back-up coverage.

Green indicator lights on top of the battery will show progress in charging. Allow for three hours of charge time if the battery is 0% or one-and-a-half hours if at 50%.

The variable control buttons adjust the brightness intensity. The green indicator lights on top of the battery track the 13 intensity levels. Audible beeps will also indicate changes in intensity levels during adjustment.

Uncompromising safety1

  • No fans or vents
  • Cleanable components
  • Antimicrobial protection