CORE Console

The CORE Console controls our comprehensive lineup of surgical power tools that deliver the fine tolerances required by small bone specialty procedures. Housed on its own custom designed accessory cart, the CORE Console gives you convenient storage, power and control for a wide range of drills, saws, burs and microdebriders.

Powered by the CORE Console, the CORE system’s streamlined handpieces and attachments give you the speed, balance and control you need for optimal specialized surgical care.

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Features and benefits

  • Convenient single control center for all powered OR instruments
  • Easy set-up for operating room staff
  • Operates two handpieces simultaneously with wide variety of optional attachments
  • Integrated irrigation pump with fully adjustable irrigation
  • Enhanced flow-rate control
  • Intuitive color touch screen display
  • Intuitive, user-friendly interface
  • Customizable profiles for each physician—including motor characteristics and feel
  • Easily accessible user favorites button
  • Wireless or traditional wired footswitch control

Integrated irrigation

  • Easily inserted irrigation cassette
  • Enhanced flow-rate control
  • Auto-prime feature
  • Clears bone debris

Accessory cart

  • Specially designed to carry a CORE Console and full inventory of cutting accessories
  • Custom drawer labeling for enhanced convenience and versatility
  • Integrated footswitch storage baskets

Wired and wireless footswitch options


Our NSE footswitch is a traditional wired switch that controls all CORE Console handpiece functions


Our iSWITCH wireless universal footswitch controls all CORE Console handpiece functions—and is compatible with other systems.

iSWITCH wireless universal footswitch

Our iSWITCH footswitch is a simple, powerful way to improve OR efficiency, ergonomics and safety. Using a wireless USB connection to a CORE console-compatible receiver, iSWITCH lets you control multiple devices—without the inconveniences and hazards of traditional switches and cords.

The unique three-button, two-pedal design is comfortable and easy to use. In addition to controlling all CORE Console handpiece functions, iSWITCH is compatible with TPS, SERFAS and SERFAS ENERGY instruments.

Features and benefits

  • Streamlined equipment placement under and around the sterile field
  • Easy control of multiple devices within a 20-foot range
  • Ergonomic handle for easy maneuverability and handling
  • Non-rechargeable alkaline battery pack that requires no special handling or disposal
  • Battery life expectancy of up to two months per pack—with low-charge indicator light
  • Clean-and-dry bags that seal the iSWITCH for easy cleanup and quick turnover between cases



CORE Console brochure



CORE Console user manual



iSwitch brochure


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